BVC Announces The Wedding Question by Patricia Rice

The Wedding Question by Patricia RiceThe Wedding Question
Crystal Magic: A Novella
by Patricia Rice

While juggling the demands of their busy lives, Theodosia Devine-Baker and Kurt Kennedy find that love and living together require just as much work. Halloween always brings out Hillvale’s spooks, but when Teddy declares a ceramic dragon is sending smoke signals, Kurt wonders if it’s time to flee the eccentric community to look for a more normal life.


The Crystal Magic series:

Sapphire Nights
Topaz Dreams
Crystal Vision
The Wedding Gift
The Wedding Question

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BVC Announces The Wedding Question by Patricia Rice — 2 Comments

  1. Got it from Kobo. I’m enjoying these companion novellas.
    I know buying at BVC is best, but since my ereader quit and I’ve taken to reading on my phone, I mostly opt for convenience and buy from Kobo. I do hope they are concirntious about forewarding the money to the publisher and you.