Writing With Puppies

I have three dogs, two of which are puppies. One of them is a mini blue heeler with a whole lot of energy and an unswerving belief that he’s supposed to be in the center of everything. EVERYTHING. Today Merlin discovered he can burrow under my laptop desk and then breach like a whale and guess what happens to me writing? Now I can deal with him walking across the keyboard and dropping slobbery toys on the keyboard and rolling them down the screen, but knocking my laptop every which way . . . that’s gotta stop.

The other puppy–Crowley, who is a Welsh corgiā€”Is generally more laid back and likes to nap a bit more. But when he and Merlin decide to play, the house becomes a parkour course and no one and nothing is safe. Merlin can bounce up high onto furniture and Crowley and he run and knock into anything and everything.

We try to keep the two contained, but Merlin has figured out he can easily leap over the child fences we erected, and Crowley has learned to worm through little tiny holes and shove open doors where there are none. They also both like to chew. Crowley likes my daughter’s shoes. Merlin likes anything he can get his mouth on, including me. Especially me.

Lately they’ve both taken to digging “holes” between the couch and my back. Once they burrow down (pushing me out of the way), they will then nip. It’s got to be the herd dog thing, though I don’t know where they might be wanting me to go.

My kids have been able to help me with watching the puppies so I can work, but my daughter went back to school at the beginning of September, and my son went back at the end of September. Which means that I’m on puppy duty and trying to write. I may have to start getting up stupid early to write, or else figure out how to exhaust them so they nap. Right now, Merlin is curled up in the very narrow space between me and the arm of the couch, and Crowley is on the other side. Merlin just tucked his head up in the crook of my arm. Like I said, he wants to be in the middle of things.

One day I hope the two will be a little more independent. In the meantime, the older dog is hiding out where they can’t get near him because they like him. A LOT. And he doesn’t return the feeling. It’s actually funny because he growls and snaps, but Merlin will push up under Voodoo’s face and be abjectly cute, which results in Voodoo aggressively liking Merlin’s face, which makes Merlin unbelievably happy. I can’t seem to convince Voodoo that aggressive licking isn’t the deterrent he seems to think it is.

And now for cute pictures:




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Writing With Puppies — 4 Comments

  1. Cute! But distracting!

    I’m glad my horde of Cavaliers are willing to go for a run, then settle down on the couch … without nipping … and go to sleep.

  2. For some reason, when I read the title and then the words of the entry, I had an image of a Rabid Puppie (SF type) growling in the corner, and Sad Puppies (SF type) curling up and trying to get your attention.

    Probably why I was laughing twice as much.

  3. They are adorable pests. One day — will, maybe not for the blue heeler — the bumping jumping chewing will diminish. One day. Sigh.