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A week and a half ago, I joined some friends on a trip to Door County, Wisconsin. It was my first visit. Fall colors were still a couple of weeks away, but we enjoyed hikes through Hotz Memorial Park and along Europe Bay Trail. Dogs are welcome in most of the parks, which made Gaby happy. She could walk all day.

My dog, Gaby, and I in a tumbledown passage in Hotz Memorial Park


Many of the park benches have carved dedications


A friendly forest face


Pilot Island can be seen in the distance. The lighthouse was built in 1858. While it still functions, no one can visit the island because it’s covered with seabird droppings.

Pilot Island in the distance.

I loved hiking along Europe Bay and Lynd Point Trails. The rocky shoreline and densely wooded areas, the mosses and fungi–yes, I like fungi–are among my favorite surroundings.

The descriptive signage is really helpful

Europe Bay shoreline


Rude cedar

I am sure something watched us from this mossy hideaway

I definitely want to return sometime soon.





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