History in Fiction with Gillian & Brenda

This conversation originally appeared earlier this year on the History Girls, a most informative blog run by writers of historical fiction. Talking history in a writer’s fiction… with the writer Brenda Clough, by Gillian Polack  Because so many readers enjoyed … Continue reading


Herpes, PTSD, Organ Transplant Rejection, and Stars: Short Science Articles

How to make organ transplants last: New approaches try to train the body to welcome the replacement parts A discussion of various strategies to prevent rejection in transplanted organs:  Because transplanted skin has a high likelihood of provoking an immune attack, … Continue reading


BVC Announces Confessions of a Ballroom Diva

Living in the shadows, Psychic Vampire Janet Dryer was a killer addicted to Soul Fire–until her lover tried to kill her at Woodstock in 1969. These days, she haunts exotic night clubs and draws energy from throbbing drums.

Her popularity as a sarcastic blogger lands her on Dance From The Heart, a celebrity ballroom competition. To her shock, the head judge is her ex-lover, the Vampire Hunter who tried to kill her.

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The Rambling Writer Explores More Greek Islands, Part 2: Athens, Gateway Old & New

Every trip to Greece should start with Athens, the hub of Greek culture old and new. It’s been our gateway to the islands, so first we’ll take a jet-lagged wander through its busy streets. NOTE: Since our trip last fall … Continue reading


Liminal Stories: an interview with the author of The Inconvenient God

Francesca Forrest’s The Inconvenient God  is technically a novella (maybe even a novelette by some counts) but has been published as a slim book by Annorlunda Books, which specializes in shorter works. It’s an elegant book featuring a gorgeous cover by … Continue reading