The Rambling Writer Hikes on the Eve of the Equinox

On the tipping point between summer and autumn, Thor, Bear dog, and I hike on the skirts of a moody mountain, with clouds and sun breaks. We’re heading out in a few days for a return to the Greek islands– … Continue reading


BVC Announces The Wedding Gift by Patricia Rice

Having overcome the obstacles of their past, Samantha Moon and Chen Ling Walker are ready to walk down Hillvale’s eccentric version of a wedding aisle. Can they also conquer the complications of the present–a mysterious doll that won’t stay in one place and the dubious assistance of a feng shui master who moves in with them?

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The Rambling Writer Visits Kaua’i, Part 5: Beautiful Beaches! With Dolphins!

As rainy autumn creeps up on us (or smashes, in the case of the East Coast hurricane), Thor and I revisit our June trip to this beautiful Hawai’ian island, which was recovering from its own historic storm. For those following … Continue reading