The Rambling Writer Visits Kauai, Part 6: Napali Coast Cruise — with Dolphins!

Closing out our Kauai trip reports with a cruise along the amazing Napali Coast. Volcanic cliffs dripping greenery and waterfalls! Frolicking dolphins! Aloha!

Thor and I have been blessed with opportunities to travel to amazing, magical lands, and are now off to Greece for a return trip — more research on my novel-in-progress, and of course antiquities! and beaches! We’ll post updates, if all goes well with my love/hate relationship to computers. Meanwhile, enjoy a last taste of Kauai — for now.

As I reported in the last few Kauai blogs, we visited in June, when the island was still recovering from the historic, disastrous storm of April, and the weather was still unusually cloudy and rainy. Still, we loved our Napali Coast cruise with Holo Charters, starting with snorkeling near a pod of spinner dolphins. They didn’t get close to us in the water, as all the swimmers jumping off the boat might have discouraged them, but later the large pod returned to swim for a long time in front of the boat as we moved along the coastline. They are lovely, small dolphins who leap spinning into the air. They may be dislodging parasites, or just enjoying themselves.

Here’s a YouTube segment of the wonderful creatures:

The crew was friendly and always offering cold beers. Thank you, Ms. Captain (below), and Crew!

We passed along a nearly deserted, 13-mile beach:

And then the steep, volcanic cliffs just got more and more spectacular, with secret, misty valleys and waterfalls.

Our captain took us under a waterfall for a fresh shower on deck.

On the way back, the dolphins returned, swimming close alongside the boat. I swear one of them turned to smile at me. Aloha!


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    • Thanks, Zena! Stay tuned for more posts from spectacular
      Greek islands. Now hunkering down to see if Cyclone Zorba will hit us.Always adventures…

  1. Erosion of the basalt flows and ash layers makes the most spectacular cliffs. I feel like I could gaze at them for days.