Summer Special: Welcome to Witchlandia by Steven Popkes

Welcome to Witchlandia

Welcome to Witchlandia by Steven Popkes

by Steven Popkes
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(Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-606-6

A BVC Original

Katelin is a witch flyer, one of the few able to ride a Stick with the power of her mind. She flies for the Boston Police Department in a world where any paranormal gift is rare, and supernatural abilities are treasured — and feared.

David Sabado has overcome mental illness to become one of the finest pianists in the country.

Five years ago, Katelin Loquess thought she had everything — love with David, a wonderful job, and the joy of flying. Now, David has left, the job is miserable and the joy has disappeared.

Then the murders start and Katelin and David meet again. Each murder connected to them. Each one getting closer.


Welcome to Witchlandia is an exciting and fun combination of hard-boiled police procedural and supernatural thriller.” — James L. Cambias, author of The Darkling Sea

“Boston police are tough. But no one’s as tough as a rookie female witch. Police procedural like you’ve never seen it!” — Sarah Smith, author of The Vanished Child

“The colorful array of characters in Welcome to Witchlandia flit across genres with aplomb. Expect romance and murder, cops and concert pianists and one memorable witch on a not-quite quite broomstick. Steven Popkes’s new novel is a treat!” — James Patrick Kelly, winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards

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