Laura Anne Gilman’s THE COLD EYE is WSBA Finalist!

It’s official: Laura Anne Gilman’s novel, THE COLD EYE, has been selected as a finalist for the Washington State Book Award, to be announced in October.

We are pleased to note that it was chosen in the fiction category and not shunted into genre, as Laura Anne noted. Her reaction to being informed of this nomination: “You could have knocked me over with a feather.”

She goes on to say, “I had no idea that the book was even on their radar, and nobody seems to know how they got hands on it, as neither editor nor agent sent it to them, but they did.  And the timing is kinda nice for the short story collection set in the same world, coming from BVC in late September….  8-)”

The book, which is the second installment in Laura Anne’s Devil’s West series and was described by NPR reviewer Jason Sheehan (himself a science fiction writer) as “…like the ‘Oregon Trail’ of magical voodoo western novels…”

Congratulations to Laura Anne!



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