Tinkerbell Gets Her First PW Review!

My publisher, Pegasus Crime, forwarded to me the Publisher’s Weekly review of THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER, my first Gina “Tinkerbell” Miyoko Mystery. So, I’m taking a tiny victory lap around my coffee cup this morning in celebration.

They said (and I quote):

“This energetic series launch from bestseller Bohnhoff introduces San Francisco PI Gina Miyoko. A tough, sassy, and relatable investigator, Gina drives a Harley, packs a baby blue Magnum, and is trained in the martial arts. Her rich backstory and family life adds unusual depth to a fun story. Readers will want to see a lot more of Gina.” — Publishers Weekly

This morning my publisher tweeted: ”’Readers will want to see a lot more of Gina.’ (we agree!)”

And, yes, of course I’m working on a new Gina Miyoko Mystery. 🙂



About Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Writer of speculative fiction as the result of a horrible childhood incident involving Klaatu and a robot named Gort, Maya is the New York Times Bestselling author of STAR WARS LEGENDS: THE LAST JEDI, and THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER. Her fantasy trilogy, The Mer Cycle, is available in print or eBook from the BVC Bookstore.


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