The Con in a Can…

Imagine a Venn diagram. The blue circle contains people who might have attended a convention at soem point in their lives and have developed any kind of affection for them and a certain amount of knowledge about the backroom workings and the Wizard Behind The Curtain and the entrails of how cons work. You might have had a hand in running one, or know peopel who have. You kind of know the ropes. The red circle  contains true geeks, nerds and those who worship some fandom or another (or a mutltipilcity of them) to the point of knowing the in-jokes, of laughing a split second before everyone else does because you already know what’s coming round the bend, of sitting up with shining eyes when some flash of recognition appears.

The sweet spot where those two cross is the REAL audience for “AbductiCon”, the novel that lets you have your con AND eat it, er, take it home.

This is the antidote to the withdrawal symptoms on Monday Morning After The Con when you’ve waved goodbye to all the friends you might not see again for another year. This is the thing that will make you gleefully play the AbductiCon Bingo – how many references have you found, seen, noticed, recognised? Try this card:

At the same time, because I am incapable of ever writing just plain fluff and nothing else but fluff, there are some real issues being discussed in between all the fun. There are discussions on what makes an entity sentient, sapient, or indeed “living” – what is life, and how do we measure it?…

This thing is both fun – no less than Robert Sawyer blurbed it and suggested that it was a good read for ANYONE who’s ever loved a convention – and a story about people, about what created people, and about what people created. Enjoy it at both levels.

But most of all, keep a copy in a convenient place for the next time you get con withdrawal symptoms. The Con in a Can, which you can take home with you and you don’t ever have to leave behind.

On special at the BVC shop for a week, starting June 26. Grab your copy while they’re hot!



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