The love lives of old marrieds: Anything for the Picture

Anything for the Picture by Jennifer Stevenson

I love writing about old marrieds. They share the best jokes, they know how to cook, and they have the most fun in bed.

Plus, the fights are epic. Way better than newlyweds and first dates. When you’ve got the dirt on someone going back twenty-plus years, you both have home court advantage.

Vince and Connie have known each other for twenty-five years, but they’ve been married to other people.

Like a lot of big Hollywood stars, Vince has cycled through hot young things at a shameful rate. As of today, wife number four is divorcing him.

Connie, however, had a model marriage, the kind that makes everybody else in Hollywood look bad. With the help of the best husband in the world, the nicest woman in the business raised twins, made dozens of movies, became a grandmother, and stayed friends with everyone…even Vince, her hubby’s dumb-ass, much-married poker buddy.

Then Sam died of lung cancer. And Vince took one look at the widow and fled.

Connie is about to find out why, via a trashed trailer, food fight, a bull fight, and a heck of a lot of smoking hot nookie.


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