Sydney’s Science Fictional lights

So many cities have festivals of light. This year, I was teaching in Sydney on a weekend during Vivid, their festival.

Because it was the start of June and from June to August is all about research and launching of science fiction and about science fiction conventions for me, my pictures show my complete immersion in a strange existence: the light created a science fictional landscape: I thought you’d enjoy your own tour of Circular Quay, the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens.

Although it’s science fictional, I’m not sure if this is our far future, or if it’s an alternate world, or if it’s a far planet. This is why I haven’t given you a running commentary. There are captions, however.

Blade Runner on a cheerful night


Ghosts of the Mint


Apocalyptic Sydney


Very Strange Ferns (even operatic!)


The Bridge Attacks (the Killer Tomato is out of sight)


I have no idea how to label this one… the Sydney Opera House defeats me.


Cover for a pulp novel about aliens landing.


The Banksia Men Won the War against Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. This monument proves it.


Lie on another planet is almost like life here, but not quite.



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Sydney’s Science Fictional lights — 4 Comments

    • It was a good festival and people with cameras and phones were spoiled for choice. I want someone to write that novel, though, and film the Killer Bridge epic.