Summer Specials: Walking Contradiction

Walking ContradictionIt’s almost summer in the Northern Hemisphere (and almost winter in the Southern), both great times for stocking up on books to read. Here at Book View Cafe, we’re putting ebooks you might have missed on special, starting with Nancy Jane Moore’s collection of science fiction stories, Walking Contradiction and Other Futures.

These stories originally appeared in various anthologies and magazines and feature adventurous women (and some who are women plus something else). Two take place sometime in the 21st century, three others in the next two to four hundred years, and the remaining two in a far off and fanciful future. This collection has military action, fight scenes, moral dilemmas, and ideas to make you think about where the future might be going.

The 99 cent sale price is only good for another week, so grab this ebook while you can. And watch for more Summer Specials announced on Tuesdays in this space and at the BVC bookstore.



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