BVC Announces Topaz Dreams by Patricia Rice

Teddy Devine-Baker arrives in her childhood home of Hillvale with a box of crystals and an attitude. Her empathic gift has ruined one relationship and most of her jewelry business, leaving her determined to learn more about a talent she’s never properly respected. Unfortunately, her empathy fails to work on tall, dark, handsome Kurt Kennedy, the aloof architect who warmed her heart as a child.

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The Rambling Writer Returns to Greece, Part 29: Farewell to Greece– For Now

  Thor and I have enjoyed sharing our journey through the incredible landscapes, history, and mythology of Greece. To wrap up this blog series, here are some highlights in photos. NOTE: Since my 4-month backpacking trip around Greece too many … Continue reading


Ursula Le Guin re-read: the Hainish Novels – Part 3: The Envoi – The Word for World is Forest, The Telling

If the first three books were milieu and setting, and the second (masterpiece) books were *absolutely everything*, the last two books on this list – while remaining “milieu” in the sense that we are in the usual Le Guin worldbuilding … Continue reading