BVC Announces Topaz Dreams by Patricia Rice

Topaz Dreams by Patricia RiceTopaz Dreams
Crystal Magic: Book 2
by Patricia Rice

Teddy Devine-Baker arrives in her childhood home of Hillvale with a box of crystals and an attitude. Her empathic gift has ruined one relationship and most of her jewelry business, leaving her determined to learn more about a talent she’s never properly respected. Unfortunately, her empathy fails to work on tall, dark, handsome Kurt Kennedy, the aloof architect who warmed her heart as a child.

Although his family owns most of Hillvale, Kurt avoids the eccentrics inhabiting the ghost town. . . until irrepressible Teddy waltzes in and lays claim to a jinxed and unrentable house that belongs to him. Now he’s being dragged into the emotional whirlwind he’s spent years training himself not to feel. Kurt’s plans for rebuilding the house — not to mention his future — will go up in flames if he heeds the intriguing redhead who claims to sense ghosts.

But when they find an actual skeleton in the attic, the two must work together to uncover a killer . . . assuming Teddy can apply her empathy and break down Kurt’s emotional barriers. If she can’t, she may wind up with only the family ghost for company and a murderer on the loose.

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