The Rambling Writer Returns to Greece, Part 29: Farewell to Greece– For Now


Thor and I have enjoyed sharing our journey through the incredible landscapes, history, and mythology of Greece. To wrap up this blog series, here are some highlights in photos.

NOTE: Since my 4-month backpacking trip around Greece too many years ago, I had been longing to return to this magical land of myth, history, and dramatic landscapes. I recently made a fabulous 3-week return trip there, to research additional settings for my novel-in-progress, THE ARIADNE DISCONNECT. My first post in the new series, on September 30, gives an overview of my rambles with my husband Thor from Athens to the islands of Rhodes, Santorini, and Naxos, and finally a pilgrimage to the ancient center of the world at Delphi. We’ll return in the fall of 2018 with new explorations! Meanwhile, every Saturday I’ll share other travels, hikes, and the occasional “Reflections on Greece.”

First stop: Athens, birthplace of democracy and much more:

On to the island of Rhodes, intersection of cultures for centuries:

And the fabulous island of Santorini (Thira), edging the flooded caldera of the volcano whose eruption spelled the end of ancient Minoan civilization:

The sensual pleasures of Naxos, island home of the god Dionysos and his wife Ariadne:


Finally, we reach the ancient Greek center of world and the Oracle at Delphi (and vicinity):

On our anniversary, Thor and I renewed our vows at the omphalos, the navel of the ancient Greek world at Delphi, and promised to return to this land of beauty and magic. Chairete! Rejoice!


You will now find The Rambling Writer’s blog posts here every Saturday. Sara’s latest novel from Book View Cafe is available in print and ebook: The Ariadne Connection.  It’s a near-future thriller set in the Greek islands. “Technology triggers a deadly new plague. Can a healer find the cure?”  The novel has received the Chanticleer Global Thriller Grand Prize and the Cygnus Award for Speculative Fiction. Sara has recently returned from a research trip in Greece and is back at work on the sequel, The Ariadne Disconnect. Sign up for her quarterly email newsletter at





The Rambling Writer Returns to Greece, Part 29: Farewell to Greece– For Now — 6 Comments

  1. This brings back a lot of memories of hot sun, cool clear water, and stunning views, with olives and cold beer of course.

  2. What terrific pix!

    I look forward to the vicarious thrill of your next visit!

    • Thanks for following along with us, Sherwood! We are pretty excited to be planning our return trip this fall, featuring different islands that will play a part in the novel-in-progress.