Things I Wish I Knew

You ever run into things that you wish you knew? Things you don’t have time to learn, maybe, or that are out of your willingness to run down, or stuff that’s hard to find out?

There are many such things I wish I knew. So here’s a list of stuff that I wish I knew:

1. how to write CSS and other computer code

2. how to use Photoshop or other graphics programs

3. How to train dogs for agility

4. How to fly fish

5. How to rebuild a car

6. How to make General Tso’s chicken that really tastes like General Tso’s

7. How to skateboard

8. How to weld

9. How to cut and polish rocks (that one I do plan to learn)

10. Geology. Everything.

11. Chemistry–how to create formulas for things and make things with chemistry

12. How to watercolor well.

13. How to do calligraphy

14. How to tan hide

15. How to dance ballroom (low key ballroom–nothing fancy)

16. How to use the gears on my bike.

17. How to wire things

18. How to fix a computer

19. How to make silver jewelry, including wirewrap

20. how to sail

There are tons more. Some of these I plan to work on. Others I’m not sure I’ll get the chance or the gumption to do it. What about you? What sorts of things do you want to know that you haven’t learned yet?



Things I Wish I Knew — 16 Comments

  1. If you ever want to tackle #1, check out – it’s a site that demonstrates just what you can do with CSS by taking the same HTML – exactly the same HTML – and applying different stylesheets to it.
    Hundreds of them.
    I already knew the basics of HTML – they’re not difficult – and learnt CSS by first studying them, and then writing my own theme.

    #4: I have no interest in that, but I’d like to learn to fly a kite properly 🙂

    Hm. Must think about my own list…

  2. Calligraphy, ballroom dancing, and some computer fixing done.

    Now to find some motivation, any motivation to get out of my home or to read the emails . . . impossible.

  3. I’ve always had a running list in mind, and when I’ve had the chance I’ve tried some. But over the years, I’m discovering that the list has changed. Not shortened, just altered. For example, for a long time I wanted to try skiing. No interest anymore. Instead, I’d rather learn Japanese.

    Then there are the things that I’d like to learn how to do better. Or catch up with. Like, my dad taught us how to tune up our own cars (plugs and points, which I believe don’t even exist anymore, or not in the same configuration), but now so much in the guts of cars is computerized, and woe if you screw up the electrical system, which is no longer simple.

    I still want to experience weightlessness (as close as I can come to flying) but I suspect swimming will have to do.

  4. I can confirm that ballroom dancing is fun, good for your health, good for your brain–just aspire for social dancing. 🙂 Calligraphy, too!

    My goals at this point are learning Spanish and Japanese gardening placement with Xeriscaping plants, just for starters.

    Good luck to you. I think our endless curiosity keeps us young!

    • Yes! Social ball room. I’ve collected things so I can start painting and sculpting with clay, and I’ve been drawing again. I’m relearning Spanish some and I want to relearn piano again. Gotta get back to that.

  5. There are the things I wish I knew because I think it would be useful to know (how to garden–I am a one-woman salt-the-earth-and-let-them-die plague to plants, alas), and things that I wish I could do because I want to do them (sailing and sugar-crafting, for starters). Let’s not even talk about the things I think it would be virtuous to know (I get tangled up in issues of virtue some times).

  6. CSSZengarden is guaranteed to make your head explode even if you’re basically familiar with CSS. Pick something much simpler to learn with.

    And as soon as the CSS starts to look like a programming language, run screaming.


  7. I’ve done a little welding, and it’s fantastic. I took a class in making welded sculpture at The Crucible and had a ball. Now I want to do more.

    Yeah, I have an ongoing and ever-changing list, too. I’d like to up my tech skills, do more with videos, improve my understanding of photoshop.

    But there are also the places to go list, the things I want to write list, and several others. I hope that you can’t die until you’ve done everything on the things to know/things to do/etc. lists!

    • That would be so fun. I think I should try to find a class. And I have so many travel places I want to see. And hikes I want to take. And I’m going to learn Kayaking this year! I’ve decided!

  8. I would like to know all of the languages. I mean, so that I can live them fully in my head. So far I’m stuck with one, and a few odds and ends of others—little wisps that I can only grasp from the corner of my understanding, but not quite enough to think with.