Time For the Weeds and the Seeds

Spring is springing and my backyard is an overgrown jungle.

Every year I can’t wait to start gardening. But here’s the issue. I always have good intentions, I always start strongly, and then . . . I peter out. Last year we put in a huge retaining wall and did a lot of other work in the front yard. I need to put in some roses (which are sitting waiting for me to do that) and put in some Calla lilies and some low-growing sedums. All for the front. (But a lot of things are thriving there and I’m looking forward to some flowers!)

But the back yard is . . . Sigh. I have blackberries growing in from over and under the back fence. I have grass invading everywhere. My garden beds are full of weeds. My backyard roses desperately need pruning. My strawberry bed last year took a hit from the heat so I need to give it some tender loving care . . . OR turn it into a raspberry bed, which honestly, is what I’m leaning toward. Mostly because I planted black raspberries near that bed and they’ve since been poking up through the strawberries.

Then I have logan berries that are sending up shoots everywhere and I’ve got to try to corral them. And did I mention the weeds? So many weeds. And I have to go work on the blueberries. They need some tender loving care, too.

I’ve started a bunch of things in my kitchen–tomatoes, some peppers, some blue squash, and a couple of artichokes. Not sure how they’ll do, but I figure I should try. I think I’m too late for planting the cold weather plants like broccoli and lettuce and such.

I love flowers, and I love food-bearing plants, but I don’t like weeding and other upkeep. Or not a lot of it. Or rather, I like it, but I tend to get busy with everything else and that makes it tough to make time. Still, I can’t wait to have fresh flowers in the house. The roses I’m planting are very fragrant, so I’m excited to get some of those in.

Next up? Going to start weeding and cutting out blackberries and trying to start tame things well enough to figure out what to do. This is the first warm weather we’ve had, so far. Course, before I can do any of that, I have to finish my book and grade some things for the class I teach, and maybe clean my house.

Well, maybe not clean the house. That’s going a little bit crazy.


About Diana Pharaoh Francis

A recovering academic, Diana Pharaoh Francis writes books of a fantastical, adventurous, and often romantic nature. She's owned by two corgis, spends much of her time herding children, and likes rocks, geocaching, knotting up yarn, and has a thing for 1800s England, especially the Victorians. Check out samples of just about everything on her website: www.dianapfrancis.com


Time For the Weeds and the Seeds — 3 Comments

  1. I used to be very good at digging gardens and doing some initial planting, but not very good at upkeep along the way. It was usually all I could do to keep my grass cut.

    These days all I have is a window box and even that has turned out to be work. But I put in some herbs and flower seeds this spring and they’re all sprouting nicely right now.

  2. My mother had awesome gardens (both flower and vegetable), and I tried so hard to keep her legacy alive. But our modern life with active kids was not conducive to garden upkeep. Every year, the weeds won.

    I remember one summer commandeering my eldest offspring to help—an activity which quickly devolved into hurling clumps of dirt at one another. So much for that idea.

    We no longer have room for an extensive vegetable garden, although we do have several rose bushes out front that survive in spite of my efforts to neglect them into oblivion. They even reward us with copious blooms—go figure. Every spring I vow that this will be the year I resurrect my horticultural skills. And every year, the weeds win.

    And sadly, I don’t seem to be getting any younger…

  3. I’ve looked for things that will enjoy a stay in my garden without a lot of care (after being established.) Xeriscaping worked well for me, and I am sure I will do it again. Heritage roses and a couple of Japanese maples, plus an herb garden. I also love lantana, some of the flowering under story trees, and a new oak or two.

    Mulch to cover weeds, there’s the ticket! Black garden mats!