BVC Eats: Another post about brownies

A few months ago, I posted my Crème Brulee Brownies baking adventure. Those were good, but they aren’t my favorite.

One May, several years ago, I reasoned that even though I had no children I was a dogmom and that this entitled me to the Mothers Day giftpack offered by an online coffee purveyor. It included a package of good coffee, but I bought it for the brownies. They were made by a San Francisco confectionery named Recchiuti, and I was curious about how they would taste. Some time before, I had received a gift of hot chocolate pistoles from the same place, and figured that their brownies would be good even given the rigors of shipping and the time lag between baking and arrival at my home.

Oh, they were good. They were, and continue to be, my favorite brownies. Rich, dark chocolate. Not too sweet. No frosting. I cut them into smaller pieces and limited myself to one piece a day, in the evening, with fresh coffee. When I ran out, I visited the company website to see if I could order more. Yes, I could, but the cost of shipping brought me up short. So I decided to hunt around online and see if I could find a recipe. I couldn’t find an exact match, but I did find a rocky road version that looked close.

I’m not a fan of nuts in brownies or of marshmallows, period, so I left them out. That left me with fudgy, dense cake shot through with bits of unsweetened chocolate, which matched the flavor and intensity of the Mothers Day brownies.

Highly recommended.

My second favorite brownies are made from a mix. Ghirardelli Triple Fudge. I add espresso powder to enhance the chocolate flavor, and substitute Chambord for the water to add a hint of raspberry. Next time, I might try orange, either Cointreau or Grand Marnier. A friend suggested Kahlua.


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