The Future is Electric: The Tesla Diaries by Pati Nagle

The Tesla Diaries by Pati Nagle

This short memoir from Pati Nagle is an easy and entertaining read. For anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to drive a Tesla.

I feel like I’m sitting in the future…

When she first became aware of Tesla Motors and its ground-breaking electric cars, fantasy & science fiction writer Pati Nagle thought owning a Tesla was no more than a fantastic dream. Reveling in the futuristic wonderfulness of the Tesla Model S, she followed the company’s progress, enjoying her fantasies of having her own Magical Space Car. She took a test drive. She played with Tesla’s Design Studio, designing her own electric dream car.

And then Tesla brought out a new color: Deep Blue Metallic.

Her life would never be the same.

(Based on Nagle’s blog series, “The Tesla Diaries,” with updated statistics, links, and illustrations.)


A charming mini-memoir as enticing as any fiction, the Tesla Diaries offers a vicarious peek into the real-people adventure of buying and using a Magical Space Car. Anyone who’s been tempted, intrigued, or just wants to know what the fuss is about will find answers in this well-written and engaging journey.

—Doranna Durgin

nagle1Pati Nagle has written over twenty novels in a variety of genres. Her short stories have appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Cicada, Cricket, and in various other magazines and anthologies.

Her fantasy novels include the linked Blood of the Kindred series and Immortal series, as well as stand-alone titles. She writes historical fiction including the critically-acclaimed Far Western Civil War series as P.G. Nagle. She also writes the popular Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries as Patrice Greenwood. She is a founding member of Book View Café.



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