Sign Laughing

It’s really remarkable to see some of the silly signs that people put up. Or advertisements that don’t seem to have had a lot of thought.

I saw this one the other day in the newspaper. Do you see any problems? How often is cremation happening in more than one location? How is a body divided up and which parts go where? Bones in one place, flesh in another? Tops here, bottoms there? Head, hands and feet over in that bin, the rest in that one.

How many places would a body get divided up into? After, would the ashes be gathered back together? Or buried separately? What’s the protocol?

The next question that occurred to me was who divides the body? Who and how are the parts carried to various crematoriums? Who gets hired into those jobs? Who owns that kind of place?

And then I started thinking about the characters and what they would be like, and what their days would be like and all of a sudden it starts revving into a story. Will I write it? Probably not, but it’s fun to let my brain go there. I like to let my brain run wild and get silly. Sometimes silly lead to terrific stories. Or fun bits in a story. You may have noticed I have a morbid sense of humor on occasion.

Now you’ve seen inside the mind of a writer. Sorry about that. #notsorry




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  1. Well, to be fair, in many cases, the body still has to go to a mortuary – funeral home, which doesn’t perform the cremation on premises — or even have the facilities for the funeral service itself.

    So that’s three different locations the body goes to — mortuary, funeral – memorial service such as church, then the crematorium.

  2. When HBO was running the “Six Feet Under” TV series–great 1st 2 years when the characters learned something about themselves and life in general–a cable network ran a reality show “Family Plots” about a family owned and operated funeral home. It was hilarious and touching.

    • There was a reality show called “Wrestling with Death”, about a family who ran a funeral home during the week and a small regional wrestling league on the weekends. It was wonderful, hilarious and poignant, & therefore only had one season.

  3. My inner world was revealed to a “mundane” one time when a somewhat staid and elderly connection of my husband’s was with the two of us when we all happened to be at a Florida mall one day and my eye hooked on a corner establishment which actually had the guts to say something about “pregnancy termination” and – right next door to that – a fast food burger place. I think I muttered soemthing about not wanting to eat *there* any time soon. I got an utterly horrified look from the old lady who was with us, who could now never unthink the thought that I had planted in her brain. I don’t think she ever had a hamburger again…