The Rambling Writer: Epidauros, Greece, a Sanctuary of Healing

Come with me as I revisit the serene valley of ancient Epidauros. Since I’ll be traveling in a few months to the Greek island of Kos, where Hippocrates established his code to “do no harm,” I’m enjoying the memories of … Continue reading


BVC Announces Sapphire Nights by Patricia Rice

Samantha Moon arrives in Hillvale–population 325 lives and countless ghosts–in a fog as thick as the one circling the aging mountain town. Bereft of friends and family, money and memory, all she has to her name is a stray cat…but that’s apparently enough for the people of Hillvale to take her in.

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The Rambling Writer: Mementos of Travels in Greece

Hello, fellow travelers, virtual or global! I’ll resume my blog series of my recent return to Greece on Saturday, April 7, with the promised exploration of Dionysos rituals around Delphi. Meanwhile, this week and next, I’ll revisit my earlier trip … Continue reading