The Case of the Missing Giant Potato

The world of fiction isn’t the same as the world we live in. In “After Eden” (my story in Nevertheless, She Persisted) I added hints that the town in the story wasn’t the real town. They were hints that only someone who’d been there would pick up on.

Since I’m using that world in a novel I’m writing right now, I went back to Robertson (where there is a house the heroes are trying to reach) and I took some pictures to demonstrate how I changed the town to make it not-quite real. This means that everyone can now know my secret Robertson…

This is one of the roads my friends and I travelled on near the town. This was a back road and one of the ones that’s in the middle of the Great Dividing Range.


It was a warm day. A very, very warm day. We stayed in the air-conditioned car and I took most of my pictures while we were driving. Every time we opened a door, we were swamped by heat. We opened to door for lunch, to walk in the bush, to buy something, and for the giant potato. The ‘mist’ is second hand smoke from a distant bushfire.

My roads in the story are correct and so are the verges. Here is one of the ones my women saw in Robertson itself:

The showgrounds are the end of the town on the road where my secret house rests. There are no houses afterwards. Only one of those gateways described actually exists. All the roads lead to bush or farmland. You’ve already seen farmland, so here’s some bush, a few kilometres out of Robertson.

The road that led there isn’t in my story, but I love roads like this.


How did I indicate that none of this was real to locals? Not through the roads and verges.

I brought the famous meat pie shop closer to the town itself, firstly, then I left out something rather large from the town centre. What I left out was something the locals planned to be a tourist icon but that never quite made to national status.

If you find an Australia where the giant potato is missing from its park in Robertson, then be careful, for that Australia is the land of the killer platypus.


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