Makeover Queen: When hairdressers go bad

I actually had a hairdresser once who really was pretending to be gay to avoid his ex-wife. While I didn’t find his act particularly convincing, I did wonder what he had going on that his ex couldn’t stay away from.

This, naturally, gave rise to a story. Because that’s what writers do.

Sadly, my old hairdresser now resides with the morning star, and now I see Randy, who tells me about the car he is planning to buy for his granddaughter while he works miracles on my back hair.

Here’s a little about the story that came out of that real life encounter: Makeover Queen, the first Liars in Love series romantic comedy.


Bruce Bablicher is the son of a famous photographer of the stars, a second-generation genius at making women feel beautiful and, like his father, much pursued by women who won’t take “no” for an answer. Bruce’s last three girlfriends are still stalking him, even though he came out of the closet five years ago to get away from them. Bruce owns a high-end spa in Chicago, where he charms and beautifies three hundred women every week. He loves his job.

Makeover Queen by Jennifer StevensonOnly his really-gay roommate knows that Bruce is faking it. And that he leads the nation in cold showers. And that he is about to fall hard for his best woman friend, Debby.

Debby has problems with picking lovers, too. Though she’s a happy-go-lucky slob who proudly shovels elephant poo at the zoo, she has no trouble meeting men. She has dated and dumped accountant-guy, bra-salesman guy, toupée guy, strip-joint guy, and vice cop guy, and has just developed a huge crush on Hulk DeHaviland, the rich and handsome son of two movie stars. She’s got it so bad for Hulk that she decides she will finally let Bruce make her over.

But in the process of making Debby feel beautiful, Bruce decides he needs to seduce her— just a little teeny bit— to protect her from heartbreak at Hulk’s hands.

Yeah, that goes well.

Try a sample of Makeover Queen here.

More Liars in Love series romantic comedies are coming soon! Look next for Anything for the Picture.


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