A Guest Movie Review from Bear Stamey: “Paddington 2”

Hello, and how are you? I am so excited to tell you about the new movie with my friend Paddington Bear.

You see, Paddington Bear and I have a lot in common. We both like yummy treats. We are both very hairy (ask my mommy Sara, who just bought a new vacuum cleaner). And we both follow his Aunt Lucy’s advice: “If you’re kind and polite, the world will be right.”  We want everyone to remember that, as it makes everything so much better.

Paddington Bear makes people smile and be happy everywhere he goes in London. Even in jail, where it was pretty scary at first. I had to put my paws over my eyes for a bit there, since it reminded me of when I got lost in the forest and some men grabbed me and put me into a jail they called a “high kill shelter.” But Paddington made friends there, and I did too, when nice people rescued me and brought me to live with Sara and Thor. (There are also cats here, and they are nice most of the time.) Thor takes me to the university when it is test day, so I can make the students happy to pet me and stop being anxious. Just like Paddington makes everyone happy!

Except there is another villain who steals and lies, and that is why Paddington is sent to jail. But actually the bad man is pretty funny, and he dances in jail at the end. (Ooops, Sara just told me that is a “spoiler,” sorry! I like those spoiled treats I find sometimes in the park by the garbage cans, but not everyone likes them.)

There is also a scary part on two runaway trains, and Paddington is trapped under the water!  I didn’t like that part and put my paws over my eyes again. But he got saved, and everything ended up happy with his happy family and neighbors and Aunt Lucy.  I like those English people, they are very clever and sweet to Paddington.

In conclusion, I recommend that you see this movie so you can laugh and smile with Paddington Bear and me. “Woof!”

p.s. Here is a picture of me in my dapper hiking vest:



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