On the Lighter Side

The last year was rough on a number of fronts for a lot of people. I’ve been having a rough time keeping a positive outlook, and I used to be a happy-go-lucky person. I’ve always been easily amused–something I embrace (how is that insultingto be called  at all?) I got to thinking about how can I inoculate myself against the evils of crappy stuff happening in the world and to my friends and so on? Well, I can’t keep such stuff from affecting me entirely, and I wouldn’t want to–then I’d be a total psychopath.  But I can try to maintain a certain equilibrium. Positive equilibrium.

I do the usual stuff like some meditation, exercise, random dancing, dog snuggling, walking in nature, read, watch good movies (and bad), and I watch comedians. I especially like Jeanne Roberson. Here is one of my favorites:

I decided to actively pursue the lighter side of life. Finding the funny. Finding the joy in every situation I possibly can. I’m trying not to take myself to seriously, and trying to remember this one true thing: “This too shall pass.” Sadly, no knitting for now because of tennis elbow. I hope to get over that soon.

What sorts of things do you do and enjoy for the lighter side of things?

And then there’s Rollin’ Wild. What if animals were round? You should watch ALL the clips.

Oh, and a little PS. Watching a movie with an actor whose name is Preston Vanderslice. Isn’t that awesome???


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On the Lighter Side — 6 Comments

  1. My preferred escape is reading, and I’ve found myself reading more lighthearted stuff, YA that is fairly uncomplicated and ends well, some romance, favorite fantasy and SF authors, and also rereading a lot of old favorites that leave me feeling positive.
    As for doing something good in the wider world, donating to refugee organisations is what I’ve added on this year. It may not be as powerful as personally engaging with a worthwhile issue, but at least it gets some help to those who need it most.

    I’d never heard of Jeanne Roberson; thanks for linking to her as I’m laughing at her clips right now!

    That bouncy-ball giraffe is a bit sad, he’d be unable to drink without drowning if he was real…

    The Vanderslice name looks like his ancestors were Dutch, Van der Sluis is a Dutch surname that sounds like that and means “from the lock” (as in a canal lock for lifting and lowering boats, or a sluicegate).

  2. I played that particular video for my mom a little while ago, and she was practically on the floor in tears of laughter and all she could get out in between wheezes was “Your father! That’s your father all over!”

    Just so you know. I had a father whose issues would make for a fine stand up comedy routine, apparently.

    Maybe I”m in the wrong career.

  3. That clip inspired me to check out the hard drive. Sure enough, I have a cd by her I haven’t listened to yet. That’ll be remedied soon enough.

    I’m on paperbackswap.com, a swapping site whereby a book in my house becomes a book in someone else’s house, & I build up credits. Periodically the site will sponsor Title 1 schools, so that credit then becomes a book in a child’s hand. So, one book becomes two, and my house gets [somewhat] de-cluttered. Magic.