BVC Announces Gothic West by Jill Zeller

Gothic West by Jill ZellerGothic West

by Jill Zeller

Halves and half-nots. Haves and have-nots. He was a Have-not and the woman uncomfortably sharing a train nook with him was a Have. There was no in-between any more.

Las Vegas is no longer the party city it once was. It has become a place where the gap between rich and poor is wider than the nearby Grand Canyon. Owen Frost has made choices he never wanted to make. When he arrives for his job as a tutor of the child of Evelyn Sayles, one of the richest women in this changed world, he wonders if he’s made another.

The wind was gone. Far out in the darkness, coyotes sang. Vivian shivered again. This was only a story. There were no such thing as ghosts. But Ruth Abbot Stiers’ art was full of ghosts, shreds of things gone, long past, dried up.

Vivian Littel is afraid of horses but that doesn’t stop her from taking a job as a private nurse on an Idaho ranch. Horses don’t scare her as much as the memories she’s trying to escape. But more frightening events are in store for her when she meets her employer, Ruth, and Ruth’s two sons, Todd and Matt.

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