Winter Holidays

Happy Winter SolsticeThis holiday season is a little awkward for me. Anybody running into this, too? Part of it is the political climate and my fears and disillusions. Part of it though is that I had surgery about 2.5 weeks ago. I’m recovering really well, but I haven’t been really active with decorating or anything like that. On top of that, we’re traveling for Christmas, which means it seemed silly to put up a tree or dig out all the decorations. So basically nothing in the house feels like the season except my poinsettia. We did put the wreath on the door and we did get a few lights up outside.

I have wrapped most of the presents, but I’ve misplaced one and it’s killing me.

No idea where I hid it. I have been watching Christmas movies, but it doesn’t really get me into the holiday headspace. Honestly, I’m not sure what will. This makes me sad. I normally love the holidays.

In the meantime, I’m trying to write something silly and fun. I’m also very happy I’m not trying to fly anywhere during the holidays. I wish you all the best, happiest, merriest holiday of them all. Happy solstice.


ETA:  I found the hidden gift!!! Go me!




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Winter Holidays — 7 Comments

  1. Once I bought a pair of mittens for a child (dinosaur mittens!) and even found a box to put them into. This box was recycled, a box that used to hold a tape dispenser or something. Alas! The mittens were not heavy, and one day in a fit of tidying I recycled the entire box, mittens and all! It still haunts me.

  2. I like the idea of holidays in principle. I appreciate the lights and some of the other decorations. Everyone should take a little time off for celebration and reflection of some sort. It’s good to get together with family and friends.

    But somehow the whole event has been built into a bunch of de rigueur activities. Also, I’m starting to feel like our whole economy is based on Christmas shopping, and I can’t think that’s a very solid base for much longer. One of my neighbors puts up lights that spell out “Bah, Humbug” every year and I’m beginning to appreciate the sentiment.

    I don’t do a lot — books were always the gift of choice in my family and I like getting people books. But I still feel kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing. I want a bit of celebration, but it would be nice to see things scale back.

    • I get my daughter and son a ton of books. And have to hope that I didn’t get books they already have. My daughter is voracious. It’s the feeling I miss this year. Of togetherness and hope. I think hope is hiding somewhere. Sigh.

      • This last year has really exposed the ugliness lying just underneath the civilized veneer of humanity. I’m an optimist by nature, but I’m having trouble finding hope in the small victories that fix one hole in the fence around the chicken coop but don’t address the fact that the foxes can get in the front door. (Not sure all those metaphors work.)

        But there is hope out there. We’ll get it back.

  3. Health issues have slowed my participation in this holiday for a decade.

    Fortunately the sun is returning on time, and hope is something you can give away without diminishing it in the slightest.

    Be well and happy holidays!