The Reluctant Traveler Scouts San Francisco

Depending on what I’m working on, I like to have a movie on. It’s a thing.

That led me to an SF-based website featuring “then and now” photographs of San Francisco film locations.


These are vintage films, iconic favorites, all well-known. My challenge to you (apologies for those who don’t know San Francisco) is to guess what movie and where. Some of the photos have been altered. (Hint–these are all on the linked website, if you can’t stand it.)

1. Bogie gets a new face and Bacall a new boyfriend.

2. A daughter in this Norwegian family dreams of becoming a writer

3, A hustling singer meets a gorgeous blond and a stripper turned heiress.

  4. This young man endures several dates from hell before he meets the love of his life.

5. Flower children romp the City and listen to music.

6. A sound man listens in on one bad plot.

How many did you guess? Answers next Sunday.



About Jill Zeller

Author of numerous novels and short stories, Jill Zeller is a Left Coast writer, 2nd generation Californian, retired registered nurse, and obsessed gardener. She lives in Oregon with her patient husband, 2 silly English mastiffs and 2 rescue cats—the silliest of all. Her works explore the boundaries of reality. Some may call it fantasy, but there are rarely swords and never elves. More to the point, she prefers to write as if myth, imagination and hallucination are as real as the chair she is sitting on as she writes this. Jill Zeller also writes under the pseudonym Hunter Morrison

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