The Inspiration Fairy

This last weekend I attended Orycon 39 with a bunch of very fine people. I had a great time, and I got to meet a lot of terrific people and visit with friends I hadn’t seen in forever. There’s never enough time, but I was glad to grab what I could. While there were a few problems (first time in this venue), overall it was really fun and I enjoyed myself. I will say I’ve never been in such a terrific green room, with a lot of healthy foods available throughout the day and into the evening. The art show was terrific, and the dealer room had a lot of variety, although it was sort of in a corner, which was unfortunate. I was delighted because I did a lot of walking and stairs and so got some exercise.

But my favorite thing was the little statue I got at the art show. There’s this little play written by Kelly McCullough that I love. It makes me laugh and I promise you will too.  Here’s the link. You need to go read it. Seriously. Go. I’ll wait.


Now for what I bought at the show. Read his chest:


This is MY inspiration fairy. He bears a strong resemblance to WC Fields and I adore him. He shall inspire and probably motivate. Discipline can go off to ballet class for gorillas now.

Do you like him?




The Inspiration Fairy — 2 Comments

  1. Great to see you at the con though we had little time to chat. I was always on the run and I think you were too.

    New venue always has its glitches. They’ll fix it next year. But I appreciated that there was so much SPACE. I never felt like there were 1600 people there.

    The authorfest at Powell’s City of Books (Beaverton branch) is a huge bonus too. Now to let my brain wind down and come to terms with the stillness I need to write.