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We live in troubled times – but that could arguably be said about a LOT of historical eras, I suspect. The thing that makes ours stand out is that our revolutions ARE televised, and we are now unable to ignore the suffering of a large portion of humanity as they respond to the actions of some other portion of the self-same humanity – wars over ideas, dogmas, territory, faith, simple hatred. And in the fires of those wars, we all burn – some of sooner than others, but absolutely none of us are excempt from it and a “there but for the grace of God” sign hangs over everyone of our heads, when we look at the misery of the flotsam and jetsam running from drought or fire or bombs or simply other human beings who hate them.

In our era, in a country which was once proud of “lifting a lamp above the golden door” in welcoming those who came seeking their fortune here,  there’s actual LAWS being mulled which will literally stop these fleeing refugees at other countries’ borders – “not our problem”.  Families are going to get separated, perhaps never to reunite; lives will be lost which could have meant a great deal to the world except now we will never know because they were snuffed out before they had a chance to burn bright.

Refugees, migrants, immigrants, they have always been here, they will always exist. THere is always someone seeking a way out of the place where they find themselves. The rest of us are only “hosts” by historical accident, and it would really not take that much for us all to pick up a bundle of belongings too precious to abandon and hit the dusty roads of exile ourselves. There is a potential refugee hiding in every human being and it does not take THAT much to push us over that border.

They have always been with us – but for some reason, watching it all unfold in real-time on TV and in our halls of power just made it important that some attempt be made to help.

“Children of a Different Sky”is the form in which that attempot to help took shape.

Twelve luminous stories (by writers ranging from the likes of Seanan McGuire, Marie Brennan, Aliette de Bodard, Irene Radford, Brenda Cooper and others to someone whose very first published story appears in this collection) and two heartbreaking poems by the great Jane Yolen – all of them predicated on the themes of migration, and loss, and courage, and hope, and humanity – are presented here as a reading experience that is unique – and if you buy ONE anthology collection this year, make it this one. I know that I, as the editor, am ever so slightly biased – but it is really worth your investment. An investment of your reading time… and of your money, because this collection is more than just a handful of fabulous stories. All proceeds from the sales of this book are slated to go to two charities working wih migrants, in the USA and abroad. You can read all about that in the Forewrod of the collection. Your dollars and cents are making sure those less fortunate than you have a blanket, a warm meal, a shot at a future. There is little enough any of us can do to help – but there is this. And you CAN help.


Children of a Different Sky anthology


The paperback is available now here; the ebook will be available shortly.

This year, you can help to make sure that there is room at the inn. Pick up a copy – for yourself, for a friend. If you do it as a gift, there’s this:

“In Your name”…

Help us help those who need it the most. Have some AMAZING stories in exchange.



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  1. An amazing collection. I am proud to have been included. Every little bit helps. Become a member of something greater than yourself simply by buying a book. This one might change your life if you take the time to read it.