The Rambling Writer Returns to Greece, Part 9: Classical Lindos on Rhodes

The lovely Classical remnants of the Lindos acropolis hover like a dream on the rocky cliffs high above the deep blue Aegean Sea. Come climb these layers of history with me. NOTE: Since my 4-month backpacking trip around Greece too … Continue reading


Theatre review: In The Next Room, or, The Vibrator Play

If you’re a fan of historical fiction you should see this play. If you’re a woman who has learned her way around her own body under less than optimal circumstances, or taught a man, you should see this play. If you’re a student of feminism, medicine, or sociology, you should see this play. If you need a laugh and can laugh at lengthy (and I assure you prudishly veiled) performances of hysteria cure in women and men, you should see this play. If you love steampunk for the finicky social rules, the language, the clothes, and clank, you should see this play.

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Thankful for the (Possibility of) Good Anthropocenes

Traditionally, anything published on U.S. Thanksgiving Day must be about being thankful. In the current political environment, it can be difficult to feel that way. Fortunately, there are people doing outstanding work on sustainability and resilience – the keys to … Continue reading