Of Hurricanes and Fires and Life

It seems the last couple of weeks have revolved around hurricanes and fires. Actually, most of my summer, if you begin with the house fire my parents had in June. Most of the west is on fire. Smoke hangs everywhere. The light is brassy and uncomfortable. Ironically of course, Harvey and Irma bring all too much water and wind to the impacted areas. Not to mention Katia, and of course, who mentions that one, so little and only hitting Mexico. And on top of that, the earthquake there. Massive.

My cousin and her husband were in St. Maarten when Irma went through. They are okay. Got evacuated in a C130 with some other people. Scary, but memorable, I suppose. The worst part is Irma is heading for their home after Florida, so hopefully their house comes through okay.

I keep feeling there ought to be something to learn in all this insanity. Something to take away that’s positive somehow or teaches me something about life. So far I’m not seeing it. Mostly I’m still dealing with the day-to-day of my life, which some days aren’t so easy, but then, who’s life is? I guess that’s what we learn. Even when the big events happen–good and bad–we keep keeping on.

I’m incredibly heartened by the level of caring and generosity in our nation as people reach out to those in need and in trouble during these dreadful events. I can’t help but feel hope that we’ll see more of that in our daily lives toward one another.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to pick some things in the garden, maybe pull a few weeds, and listen to the birds and pet the dogs and be glad for everything good in my life, and maybe even be a little glad for the bad.

I hope all of you and yours are safe today.


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Of Hurricanes and Fires and Life — 1 Comment

  1. One thing we can learn from this is that we’re not actually living in an era of ‘climate change’ as that implies some kind of balance will arrive. But that isn’t going to happen. We’re living in a time of climate destablization, that means more terrible ‘natural’ catastrophes and more frequent ones.

    So we all should be agitating to our so-called legislators for the building of high speed rail and other infrastructural changes that can actually handle real evacuations, shelters, rescue and maintenance for all the residents of high density regions. We need to de-centralize all sorts of industry and move them from coastal areas. There is so much we can learn and do in this era. But the US vaunted and prized individualism basically insists that we are all on our own here, and if we suffer, it’s our own fault for not being smart enough and rich enough. That’s they way we do it here: let ‘er rip and have God sort ’em out.