Nevertheless She Persisted: Den of Iniquity

Den of Iniquity

My story in this anthology started with this:

There are photos of many similar hearths floating around the internet. Some of them more sinister than this. As cool and imaginative as they are, I’m not certain I’d want one in my house, or even a thematic bed and breakfast. I had to ask myself, where would I encounter such a thing and not be bothered by whatever demon it harbored?

A bar maybe. A bar that guarded a hellmouth? A bar that served a special beer that helped save the patrons from their own sins.

A story was born.

Lilith is a perennial favorite of mine. She like King John and Richard III of England were much maligned, demonized, by those who followed them. Those who shout loudest and longest have to be right, despite the facts. But, in my mind and according to my research they are really victims.

In an unfinished and unpublished book that will always be in progress, Lilith keeps coming back, time after time, to counter the wrongs that were heaped upon her because she was a woman who would not remain a passive doormat for the louder males in her life. Who else should own the bar guarding the hellmouth? Who else would gather together the four archangels to aid her in protecting humanity from their own folly?

Who else would own such a marvelous fireplace? And the bar could have no other name but Den of Iniquity.

This story first appeared in the anthology How Beer Saved the World 2 that I was editing at the time I first discovered this demonic hearth.

When Mindy Klasky came up with the idea for Nevertheless, She Persisted this story came to mind. For me Lilith is the personification of persistence.


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