BVC Welcomes Gillian Polack

Please join Book View Café in welcoming Gillian Polack.

Gillian PolackGillian Polack writes fiction that others have trouble defining. Her novels range from kinda-sorta urban fantasy in The Wizardry of Jewish Women (a Ditmar finalist) to kinda-sorta time travel but probably alternate history in Langue[dot]doc 1305. She is a historian (mainly a Medievalist) and narrative specialist, which means she has written much non-fiction, the larger part of which has appeared as articles. Alas for the world, she is addicted to chocolate, sarcasm and bad jokes. Fortunately, she lives in Canberra, Australia (where she teaches, edits, writes, and cooks), which is too far from most of the world for these things to matter.

If you want to meet Gillian in August or September 2017, you can find her at the world science fiction convention in Helsinki from August 9-13, at the Canberra Writers’ Festival on August 25-27, and at the Historical Novel Society of Australasia’s conference in Melbourne from September 8-10.

Please visit Gillian’s bookshelf at the BVC Ebookstore.

 The Wizardry of Jewish Women




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