Food fantasies and big girl power in Coed Demon Sluts: Pog

I learned a lot about Pog as I’ve slowly built her for four books. I knew her name was Pog before I knew what it meant. Then I googled it. (Go ahead. The variety of choices is pretty astounding.) In my story, “P.O.G.” stands for Person Of Girth.

When you ask a hundred women, as I did three years ago, “What would made you sign a contract with hell to become a succubus?” and describe the offer, you get a lot of answers. The offer: Thirty antique pieces of silver in exchange for tempting three individuals per month, with bonuses for going the distance. Housing, a car, a credit card, a team. Control of your work life. And … an immortal, infinitely malleable body that will stay forever young and super-strong.

Pog’s teammates go for it for various reasons, but what sells Pog on the contract is one specific quirk of the demon-designed body: the body will take any shape you like, but you have to feed it a minimum of 4500 calories a day to keep it from getting fat.

For a lot of big (and formerly big) women, food is not necessarily a part of the picture. For Pog it’s everything. Sex equals power, demonhood means wealth, but food is love.

If these books have been overstuffed with food porn, it’s Pog’s doing.

Because Pog grew big as she grew up, and her image-conscious parents threw her out when she couldn’t lose weight, and she spent eight years on the street, selling her body, still dieting, and still not losing weight.

Now Pog is team leader, ruler of the kitchen in the Lair of the Succubi, with an infinite budget, a sous chef, a scullery maid, and a team of insatiably hungry people to feed. She’s a size zero. Her wardrobe is fabulous. But mostly she gets to cook and she gets to eat. She’s in heaven. (So to speak.)

I’ve had a lot of fun as Pog indulged her obsession with food. I could tell you how her best friend falls in love, goes into PTSD recovery, and stops eating, which traumatizes Pog and sends her on a quest for the irresistible recipe. I could talk about the boy who broke her heart by calling her fat when she was 19, who turns out now to be her supervisor in the Second Circle of Hell. I could describe the demon commandos she and her team repel, and her harrowing experience in Hell’s fat jail when she gets captured, and how she escapes via a single Twinkie, yadda yadda.

I could promise old Slutfans that demonic recruiter Delilah will finally tear off her disguise and reveal her agenda. I could tempt you with a meeting with the Regional Office CEO. I could hope that you take as much inspiration as I do from Pog’s ultimate battle with her body image and rejoice in her triumphant decision.

But what you should really read this story for is the food.

Coed Demon Sluts: Pog is available at all your favorite bookstores, including this one.



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