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I visited Chicago a couple of weeks ago in order to attend the American Library Association annual conference at McCormick Place. We lucked out with the weather. Storms stayed away. Temperature and humidity moderated. Combine this with the need to hike about the South Loop to get to convention shuttle buses and enjoy the lakefront, and I had a number of opportunities to encounter city art.

The College Peacock



Columbia College occupied several buildings in the area, and I saw a number of murals that I assume were painted by students or faculty, like this lovely peacock.







I’m not really sure about this one. Muppet volcano?

Muppet volcano?


Is that a dragon on the right?


I think the red image in the mural is a dragon.








Shadow horses


I was on a shuttle headed to McCormick Place when I spotted a lovely pair of horses.








But I think my favorite was the moose.

Wait for it…














I was also a fan of the dog figure that welcomed guests as they entered the hotel where I stayed. A “Jeeves & Bertie” pup if ever there was.

Jeeves & Bertie Pup

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