Cause to Celebrate

Cause to Celebrate

by Ursula K. Le Guin

Oregon: Home of the ClearcutJuly 5, 2017. Tonight, after the ironic fireworks of a peculiarly anxious Independence Day, I want to celebrate two good things that have happened in my state.

First: Last week the Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed a ruling that bars the Port of Portland, manager of the Portland Airport, from banning an ad from Oregon Wild in partnership with ACLU of Oregon. The poster, a photograph of a totally barren mountain wasteland of rocks and gravel, says “Welcome to Oregon, Home of the Clearcut.” The state has long been under the thumb of the timber industry, and its feeble laws protecting public health and the environment must be strengthened. (You can find out more at

And: Today the state legislature voted for the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which codifies the legal right to abortion and protects and increases health care including contraception, abortion, and postpartum care to all Oregonians regardless of income, gender, or citizenship status. NARAL Pro-choice Oregon announced this under the banner, “Abortion is Healthcare.”

These local actions won’t get attention the way weird presidential twitterings do. But they make me feel my Republic can and will survive the mindless destructivism of misled Republicans and the frightened apathy of an opposition without leadership. Two cheers for Oregon!

5 July 2017



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  1. Oregon has set a fine example for other states to follow! Thanks for spreading this news!!

  2. From my farewell state, nammed France, I cannot understand all the context of what you write even if I share the celebration for free abortion’s right and protection of health and environment which are, anywhere, necessary.

    But I wanted to thank you for your marvellous and openminded work. I”ll read to night, once again, Le sorcier de Terremer etc., and I realize, it is the single book, I red -bis repetita- in my life, any time I need it. This is my healing book. I am 58 years old and I hope I would find others “bis repetita” books. But at the moment, it is the only one.

    so I thank you, gratefully and respectfully,

  3. Thank you! I read several newspapers, but I found the important news here, today. In Oregon, women will make healthcare decisions as if they were men–meaning women will decide what they want to happen to their own bodies and what they do not. It’s demeaning and infuriating that there should be any question about it. But in the Terrible Time of Trump and the rightwing religiosity, it’s a victory worth rejoicing.