Salt Potatoes

Steven Harper PiziksI came across a reference to salt potatoes as being a really good treat. I researched them and found they looked interesting, so I decided to try them out on Darwin and the boys.

Salt potatoes are basically new potatoes simmered in heavily-salted water. Once the potatoes are done, you pour most of the water off and bring the remaining brine back to a boil, rolling the potatoes around in it all the while. When the water is nearly gone, you take the pot off the heat and keep rolling until the water is completely gone and you’re left with a salty crust that forms on the potatoes and makes them look wrinkly. You eat them plain or dip them in butter or an herb sauce.

I served them with simple chicken and a fruit salad.

The boys were dubious. What the heck were these things? Even Darwin “Salty McSaltSalt” McClary, who once salted a slab of bacon, wasn’t sure. But once they tried them, all doubts melted.

You can’t eat salt potatoes timidly. The salt crust is very powerful, and you have to bite all the way through the potato to bring the mealy inside into contact with the outside salt. But when you do . . . they are delicious. And heavy. Boy, are they heavy! Two pounds of new potatoes–a weensy bag–was more than enough for two adults and two teens.

The recipe is a keeper, but it’s a once-in-a-while treat, not a regular dish.

–Steven Harper Piziks

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Salt Potatoes — 4 Comments

  1. “salted a slab of bacon”. He definitely wins the excess sodium trophy. Not even my male relatives, who were of the salt-before-tasting club, ever did that.