BVC member Marie Brennan joins LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS!

Book View Cafe is delighted to announce that Marie Brennan has joined the fiction-writing team for the relaunch of the game Legend of the Five Rings!

Set in the fictional, Japanese-inspired land of Rokugan, L5R has been a fixture of the card game and roleplaying game scene since 1995. Its most noteworthy feature has always been its interactive story: an ongoing narrative about the Great Clans of the Emerald Empire and the deeds of their heroes and villains. Player input via tournaments and other contests shapes the tale, deciding who will live and who will die, who will be allies and who will be foes. Marie’s first contribution to the new story is “The Rising Wave,” which introduces readers to the reclusive Dragon Clan and the challenges they face. Other fictions published so far are “Her Father’s Daughter” (introducing the elegant Crane Clan) and its sequel “The Price of War” (introducing the militaristic Lion Clan).

And that’s just the beginning! Keep an eye on Fantasy Flight Games’ website or forums to catch all the new developments as they come out.

the logo for the game LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS



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