My first lesbian love story, Coed Demon Sluts: Amanda

Writing the Sluts has been an exercise in writing the other, and never more so than with Coed Demon Sluts: Amanda, releasing today.

It was no stretch for me to write about Cricket, a chirpy little 98-year-old Jewish matriarch whose zest for life is too strong to let her quit. She knows more Yiddish than I do, and she has given birth a bunch, but Cricket is no stranger to me. Of course she takes the offer to become a succubus. A new experience! At her time of life! Irresistible.

Amanda, though, is an alien creature: Army brat, highly functional in a structured environment, repressed. So not me. Unlike me, Amanda sacrificed her life to her parents’ needs: first to the Army, the invisible woolly mammoth in every room, then to their declining health. Her father’s parting gift to her was to get her a desk job with a defense contractor. By imperceptible degrees Amanda finds herself behind a desk in hell, at first grateful to be numb, then bored, then stifled, at last restless. When a chance to join Team Slut presents itself, she jumps. I could imagine the jumping part easily. Her obedience and patience within the System—first in her family and the Army, then in hell—not so much.

This story is less boffo than the first three Slut adventures mostly because Amanda needs to travel such a long way from numbness to love. I found myself siding with Cricket a lot, prodding Amanda emotionally in the middle of the night, tickling her sense of humor, luring her into the woods, leading by following, crashing around in her life like upbeat ball-lightning, tempting her to live a little.

The result was another imperceptible slide for Amanda, a long, slow courtship, and as nice, as happy a book as I could write.

Now that I’ve spoiled it for you—surprise, she gets the girl!—you can relax and just wallow in it.


The Coed Demon Sluts are available here at Book View Café and at all your favorite ebook retailers. Read more about them here. Coed Demon Sluts: Pog, the final adventure, launches right here on July 12.

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