Summertime Blues

I’ve spent most of my life timing my life around school. First I went through my K-12 years, then my BA, my MA, and my PhD. Then I started teaching. Four years ago I left teaching, and but even so, my days were measured by school time. Dropping off kids, picking them up, school vacations, and all that sort of thing. In August and September, I feel an urge to clothing and shoe shop, not to mention I start grabbing up paper, notebooks, and pens. Does anybody else do that?

Anyhow, school is almost out for summer. This puts a serious cramp in my writing time. Mostly because the kids want to do things with me and I want to do things with them. The key is to get up early and work, and then do things with them, possibly nap, and then work after they go to bed. Plus garden and do all that other stuff.

What’s difficult is that they don’t tend to do things on their own. Well, the boy is old enough now that he’s about to get his license and will likely be doing a little bit of work this summer. He’s got a part time job lined up. The girlie, on the other hand, doesn’t have a ton of friends and I try to get her into activities, but sometimes that’s hard. She’s aged out of some things that she enjoys and I haven’t found replacements. She loves tennis, so I plan to get out and try to play with her. Or rather, “play” since we tend to mostly just try to keep volleying. One day we hope to actually play reasonably well.

I have deadlines, but so I will have to be disciplined, but that’s the other thing about living on a school schedule for so long–summer is vacation time, right? Ack!

Does anybody else have schedules that are timed around things besides seasons and work schedules?

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Summertime Blues — 1 Comment

  1. I know that the calendar year starts on January 1st, but for me, the new year will forever be in September. Even long after the kids have grown, those rhythms of “back to school” and “summer holidays” remain ingrained. September is all about the smell of new pencils and unmarked notebooks and the promise of things to be learned and deadlines met (as if). June is about that sense of anticipation for freedom and adventure (and sunburn).

    Mind, we all seem to have found our way back to the post-secondary educational slog, so it isn’t really that much of a stretch. But still.