A New BVC Anthology

One of the wonderful things about working with Book View Cafe is that the co-op gives each of us a chance to explore new aspects of our creative lives as authors. With the support of our fellow members, we can venture into new-to-us waters — sometimes trying new genres, sometimes trying new markets, sometimes… Well, with more than fifty professional authors, there’s almost always someone who can offer good advice on any aspect of the writing and publishing fields.

I’ve never been more grateful for that support than when I recently decided to don a new hat: anthology editor.

Of course, I’ve read short stories for decades. My first published work was a short story — way back in 1999. (“Cat and Mouse” in the ‘zine Not One of Us.)

But until February 8, 2017, I’d never considered editing an anthology.  What happened on February 8? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell invoked an obscure rule to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren as she attempted to read a 1986 letter from Coretta Scott King regarding Jeff Sessions (who was then being considered for the post of Attorney General, which he now holds.)

Responding to outrage over Senator Warren’s being silenced, Majority Leader McConnell said: ““She had appeared to violate the rule. She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Nevertheless, she persisted.

Thousands of tweets erupted. Memes were created. T-shirts were printed.

And an anthology was born.

Nineteen stories of persistence — in the past, present, future, and new worlds. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, these stories illustrate the power of women overcoming the challenges of other people, of society, and of their own fears.

Book View Cafe’s anthology Nevertheless, She Persisted will be available as an ebook and a print book on August 8, 2017 (six months to the day after Senator McConnell’s statement.) I’ll have a cover to share with you soon.

Until then, you can read the Table of Contents (and anticipate some truly extraordinary stories by my incredible Book View Cafe colleagues!)

“Daughter of Necessity” by Marie Brennan

“Sisters” by Leah Cutter

“Unmasking the Ancient Light” by Deborah J. Ross

“Alea Iacta Est” by Marissa Doyle

“How Best to Serve” from A Call to Arms by P.G. Nagle

“After Eden” by Gillian Polack

“Reset” by Sara Stamey

“A Very, Wary Christmas” by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

“Making Love” by Brenda Clough

“Den of Iniquity” by Irene Radford

“Digger Lady” by Amy Sterling Casil

“Tumbling Blocks” by Mindy Klasky

“The Purge” by Jennifer Stevenson

“If It Ain’t Broke” by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

“Chataqua” by Nancy Jane Moore

“Bearing Shadows” by Dave Smeds

“In Search of Laria” by Doranna Durgin

“Tax Season” by Judith Tarr

“Little Faces” by Vonda N. McIntyre




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  2. Brava, Mindy! Congratulations on boldly venturing into new territory when the moment called. I’m looking forward to reading the result!

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