Flowers in Spring

It’s iris season. I used to not be that fond of them. Nor of Gladiolas. But last year we went to an iris festival and wandered through huge gardens of irises and I fell in love. Just the range of colors was stunning. And then they are planted among other cool flowering plants like varieties of lupin, clematis, peonies, and other things. I bought a few bulbs last year (they aren’t cheap) and this year have some beautiful flowers. The blossoms are really huge and I am delighting in all the color.

I’m thinking that I also now need to figure out where to put some peonies and some of that lupine. The latter was so large and had a broader variety of color than I knew was possible. So I’m going to see if I can get some going. And California poppies. I love those and they grow well here once they get going.

I planted some lovely roses last year and am looking forward to seeing those bloom. I have to get out and spray some neem oil, though, in order to protect against fungus. That’s important. I’ve also planted tomatoes and I’m really hoping my peas produce before it gets so hot nothing happens. they are lush and covered in blossoms, but only a few pods have started. This happened last year where it was cool and then shot to freaking hot and the peas just gave up. Tomorrow it’s going to be 90. So I’m looking down the barrel of the same gun.

My carrots have been refusing to come up. I do not know why. The first year we were here, they grew perfectly and now . . . not so much. My loganberry bush is going like crazy, and so is the black raspberry. My roses need to be sprayed with neem oil though. They have some black spot. If I can find the damned stuff. I put it away . . . somewhere. Probably about two weeks ago and yet I can’t remember where I put it. Just goes to show that I shouldn’t put anything away at all.

I meant to start sweet peppers but I didn’t, so now I’m going to have to buy them. Sigh. And hot peppers. I still have time to put cucumbers in from seed, though. I probably have time for the peppers, too, but I want to make sure I get some sooner rather than later.

The blueberries are also going nuts. This is their 4th year, which means they are getting mature enough to produce reasonably. But I have to get after the weeds. I’m going to hoe and then spray with a bunch of vinegar. A bunch. My rhodies are blooming like mad and my dogwood is starting. I just want more flowers. More more more.

Are you out gardening this spring?





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Flowers in Spring — 12 Comments

  1. I’m a crap gardener, and it doesn’t help that the roof rats kill anything I put in. Like my lemon tree. And my parsley.

    I’ve seen pictures of irises. They are astonishingly beautiful. I wish they’d grow here.

  2. I’m too lazy to do the amount of gardening you’re doing, so it’s just as well that I’m in an apartment and have only a window box to maintain. Also, I have a farmer’s market that provides incredible things in season, so I get all the tomatoes I can eat without the work!

    I do have California poppies in my window box, which faces south and gets lots of sun, so they’re very happy. And the day lily I got last year is about to put out flowers, which is quite exciting — I wasn’t sure it was going to make it. But the best thing I did was plant some aloe and a jade plant, both of which are going great guns. Nothing like plants that don’t need much water if you’re a neglectful gardener.

      • Sigh. I managed to kill orchids and have been scared to try again. I have killed a lot of plants over my life.

        But I got a bonsai as a table favor from my credit union’s annual dinner, and have been trying to do all the right things to keep it alive. I love bonsai, but I’ve avoided them for years for fear I would kill them.

  3. I’m putting my vegetable garden next week–tomatoes, peppers, cukes, zucchini, and green beans–and already have the herbs in pots doing their thing–especially lots of parsley for my rabbit, Beatrice. Flowers will start to go in as they arrive at the nursery–verbena, lobelia, pentas, lantana, nemesia, nasturtiums, fuchsia.

    • Very nice. My lemon verbena isn’t coming back, but my oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, lemon balm, and two mints have come back well. And I’ve got garlic growing.

  4. Meanwhile, we’re back at the massive garden in Clatskanie…around 3000 square feet, cultivated with a friend. When it’s producing it supports 4 families…granted, small 1 and 2 person families, but still…then again, the friend we work with is a landscaper and he knows what he’s doing.

  5. Looking on with envy. No gardening this year, except cultivating health in myself. But next year, wherever I am, herbs and roses and maybe even a Japanese maple.