Cat Post: Gayatri’s News

This is Gayatri, She Who Sings. Also known as The Pirate Queen because one of my eyes was severely damaged when I was young. I don’t see why Shakir should have all the fun. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fine fellow, especially when he isn’t smacking me. Here we are in our salad days (before my surgery to remove my eye).

Having only one eye has never slowed me down. Even at the august age of 10, I zoom around the house and up the climbing tree. I am also a Fearsome Hunter. Some years ago, my humans allowed me out in the garden. I rewarded them by depositing a reptile or small mammal (killed, of course) on the back porch. The ungrateful monkeys wouldn’t let me out after that.

And here I am on Mom’s shoulder, checking out the new dog. This was a couple of years ago and, after a period of suitably abject worship, the dog went over the rainbow bridge. You would think that made my life perfect, purrrfect, but oh no…

My most recent adventure was both painful and humiliating. I developed an abscess of my anal glands. Sooo embarrassing. The vet, who is otherwise a perfectly civilized human, did Terrible Things to my rear end. Now there is a draining hole, which my humans squirt with betadine and smear with honey (medicinal, they insist) a couple of times a day. That’s all right because they also dose me with nice pain meds. Here I am in the Cone of Shame (to prevent me from licking, which is the Obvious Thing to do with wounds). At least I can sit on my bottom again!



Cat Post: Gayatri’s News — 3 Comments

  1. Poor Pirate Queen! We shall pretend you were wounded in battle, and the dreaded C. of S. is really a most royal ruff.

    May you be back walking the deck of your glorious ship soonest!