Three months later

I’m still vacuuming up dog fur,

Each clump a ghost of her.


Maybe this one hair

Came from the previous Shepherd,

Loyal, fierce, and strong,

Or this bit of fluff

My old tortoiseshell cat.

Gone four days later,

Content to pass on at 20 years of age

In the sure knowledge

She’d finally outlasted the damned dog.



Housekeeping — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you, Deborah. I remember finding a quilt I was working on, covered with Brae’s hair. It took me a year to finish making it, and then to wash it.

    Outlasted the blasted dog, indeed.

  2. Nose smudges on car door windows, the back door. Years passed before I could clean them away, and yes I know what that indicates about my level of housekeeping.