My Favorite Season

After a fake-out warm spell that was followed by seeming weeks of cold and wet, signs of spring are showing up around the neighborhood. Forsythia’s bright yellow is flaring here and there. In my yard, birds are clustered around the feeders, chowing down with intent in preparation for mating and nesting. The daffodils are several inches tall and bulged at the tip with buds, and the miniature roses by the back door are putting forth leaves.

And the crocuses are opening, little purple pops amid the green and brown.

They used to grow in a cluster, but they’ve scattered over the years thanks to the squirrels. There were gold and white ones as well, but while one does show up every so often, I think most of them have gone to that big greenhouse in the sky. So I make do with solid purple and white-and-purple striped, and that’s fine. They’ve been coming up every spring for well over twenty years, and their hardiness and persistence is inspiring. They make me want to get to work, clean out the garage, prep the lawn, plant more flowers and shrubs.

I love spring, especially the latter part as it edges into summer. Rich green lawn and foliage, bright blooms, and long days. My favorite time of year, when I feel like all things are possible.

What’s your favorite season, and what’s your favorite thing about it?


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Kristine Smith is the author of the Jani Kilian series and a number of SF and fantasy short stories, and is a winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. She worked as a pharmaceutical process development scientist for 26 years, but now writes full-time. She also writes supernatural thrillers under the name Alex Gordon. Check out her BVC bookshelf


My Favorite Season — 8 Comments

  1. Winter is mine–the chance of rain, the chance of cool days now and then. If we do get rain the brown (or gray) hills turn green.

  2. I’ve heard that you can tell whether a non-Californian writer did their research by how they describe the hills in winter. If they describe them as brown, they did not do their homework (unless they add lack of rain, etc).

    • The last couple years of the drought, they weren’t even brown anymore, just gray.

      I love autumn up in the northeast, spectacularly beautiful with the slanting golden sun, the leaves, the pleasant air. That season is hellfire in california, the hot desert winds and fire season.

  3. I still carry my northeast sense of what the seasons are; California laughs at me for it. But Autumn is my favorite: the brilliance of the colors, the slope from heat to crispness, the air almost snapping in its crispness. I love Spring too: the transitional seasons are wonderful.

  4. When I lived in Washington, DC, I loved the way the crocuses poked up at the end of February, even when there was still snow on the ground. I had some dwarf iris that came up early, too. They were the first indication that spring was going to come. But it was when the forsythia came out with their bright yellow flowers that I became convinced that we would actually get spring. (And, of course, the cherry blossoms were a later treat.)

    Also in DC, the blooming of crepe myrtle in August is a true joy. Most other flowering plants have gone to seed by then, so that burst of color after the heat waves of July is a real pleasure.

    But, as you say, things are different in California, especially on the coast. It is a joy to see the hills turn green after the first rains in late fall. But while we have flowers year round here in the Bay Area, I did enjoy watching the cherries and other flowering trees sprout blooms in March.

  5. Spring is my favorite season too. The whole world turns GREEN! We also get all kinds of weather. Sunshine & warm. Snow. Rain. Hoar frost. Glitter on the flatirons. My garlic & onions are up 6″. Peas are up 1″. My lawn is a carpet of yellow dandelions. They make me smile, and then I rip off their leaves and toss them into my salad.

  6. Predictions for wet snow toward midweek/week’s end. Then, 60s and 70s! Spring in far NE Illinois.

    I wonder if crepe myrtle would grow here? I found a website that offers varieties hardy to Zone 5–we’re 5.5. Otherwise, they prefer 7 or greater.

    Fall was my favorite season when I lived in Florida, because temps dipped into the 60s and I could break out the boots and corduroy skirts. Now that I’m in the Midwest, it’s a warning of what’s in store, growing chill and shortening days and needing to suit up to collect the mail. I am a 4-season person, and I do enjoy long walks on sunny winter days when there’s a fresh blanket of snow. But since I became more interested in gardening and bringing native wildflowers into my yard, I’ve been a spring person.

  7. Crocuses are especially lovely among all the littered leaves that turned brown over the winter.