BVC Announces Rebel Lost by Mindy Klasky

Rebel Lost
Darkbeast Chronicles 2
by Mindy Klasky

Keara is running for her life. On her twelfth birthday, she was supposed to sacrifice her magical darkbeast raven on a holy altar. Instead, she spared Caw’s life. Now, the priestly Inquisitors have declared her Lost–a heretic and traitor to the Primate and all twelve gods.

Desperately seeking safety, Keara and Caw travel the Great Road with two other infidels. Together they search for a rumored community of Darkers, rebellious Lost who live beyond the reach of the law.

Winter winds blow hard. Inquisitors stalk the Great Road. Keara and her companions, near-frozen by a blizzard and close to starvation, discover an underground encampment of strangers. They’re offered food and shelter, and their darkbeasts are welcome. But are these folk truly the Darkers they claim to be? Or will they betray Keara to the authorities who want to enslave her–or worse?


[Klasky] conveys a richly imagined, fully developed and textured universe….[An] exciting, original, and lively fantasy adventure.— Kirkus Reviews

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BVC Announces Rebel Lost by Mindy Klasky — 1 Comment

  1. I’m so glad you republished the Darkbeast story at BVC!
    The first book looked really interesting when I read about it when it was first published, but because of area limitations I couldn’t buy the ebook as an epub in Europe. I tried several ebook stores, and even emailed the publisher, but it was impossible and I gave up on it (and, I’m sorry to say, forgot the name of the author, so I hadn’t connected it with you once I started reading the BVC blog…).
    And now unexpectedly I can buy not only the first book but a sequel too, here on BVC.
    One happy customer here, looking forward to hours of reading pleasure this weekend!