Writing Nowadays–Without a Deadline

Steven Harper PiziksI don’t have a contract or deadline right now.  It’s a little nerve-wracking, because it means I don’t have any for-sure checks coming up.  On the other hand, it means I can write whatever I want.

This is also a little daunting.

It’s easy to let myself slide.  “Hey, nothing’s due!  I can let it go today.”  Well, no.  The new book won’t write itself.  It’s harder to make myself write when the story bogs down, though, and the project I’m working on–a mainstream novel–is more challenging than anything else I’ve done, so it bogs down often.

I’m used to writing under deadline, and I’m feeling the lack of not having one.  It’s very strange.

–Steven Harper Piziks

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Writing Nowadays–Without a Deadline — 2 Comments

  1. Igor,

    I’m in the same boat. No new contracts. But the agent has 5 proposals out to various editors. I decided to write the book I most wanted to work on and if it doesn’t sell I’ll take it to BVC. And yes I get bogged down and distracted. Doing a lot of short stuff, and editing an anthology. I cannot NOT write.