BVC Announces Fun & Flirty by Patricia Burroughs

Fun & Flirty by Patricia BurroughsFun & Flirty
A Four-Book Box Set

by Patricia Burroughs

RAZZMATAZZ: An Accidentally Married Romance
When small town Texas girl Kennie Sue Ledbetter wins a trip to Reno, she doesn’t expect to end up married to bad boy Alexander Carruthers. Even worse, he doesn’t intend to let her go. What will the folks at home in Tahoka Springs think??? Hijinks ensue!

BEGUILED AGAIN: A High School Enemies Romance
Cecilia Evans and her chaotic 3-ring circus life spell disaster for Jeff Smith, the everything-in-its place numbers guy. Her three kids, whirlwind disaster of a house and his parrot do not seem to spell a happy ending. Cupid doesn’t care.

Artist Kevyn Llewellyn just needs a model for the cover of a book. She certainly doesn’t want to fall in love with a dumb jock. Rusty Rivers isn’t dumb, and he knows trouble when he gets kidnapped by it. A match made in… well, yes. That. HEA guaranteed!

SCANDALOUS: A Holiday Romance
Paisley Vandermeir is alone and grieving this Christmas, but she has a mission–to right a wrong–and create a scandal, while she’s at it. Unfortunately for Christopher Quince Maitland III, he’s the target of all her schemes. Can Christmas heal hearts and return joy to their lives? Of course it can.

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